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Product Management: Moving the Product to Market

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About This Course

This in-depth introduction to product management, product marketing and product marketing engineering covers everything from core concepts and terminology to process management. The course is designed to meet the needs of product managers, product marketing managers and product marketing engineers who are charged with driving products to market but who may be new to the disciplines and processes involved. Participants learn to manage the process of shaping final products and taking them into the marketplace all from the perspective of the customer advocate.

Topics Include

  • Concept of the 'whole' product and product lifecycle
  • Product planning, scoping markets, pricing and margins, forecasting
  • Product management, MRD and PRD, roadmaps, metrics
  • Product packaging, costing, production
  • Product positioning, persona, promotion, launch planning
  • Product support for sales, channels, merchandising
  • End of life (EOL) planning
  • Analyzing customer needs
  • Researching and sizing markets
  • Evaluating competition
  • Developing product requirements
  • Assessing ROI
  • Managing product lifecycles
  • Working with engineering, marketing and sales
  • Working with sales channels

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to:

  • New Product Ideas, Development and Go-To-Market Planning
  • Product Lifecyle
  • Product Validation and Revenue Generation Decision Making
  • Product Roadmap and Marketing Strategies
  • Product Extension and Enhancement Strategies
  • Sales and Channel Strategies

Skills You'll Gain

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