Campus Marketplace Strategic Services

Create and Grow Successful Non-credit Course Programs

Campus Marketplace Strategic Services is a set of offerings designed to help traditional colleges and universities participate in the rapidly growing non-degree courseware and certification markets. 

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Helping Higher Education Adapt to Changing Times


Nearly two-thirds of surveyed colleges offer or plan to offer non-credit courses.


Slightly more than half offer or plan to offer non-credit certificate programs.


Slightly less than half offer or plan to offer micro-credentials.


Sixty percent offer or plan to offer stackable degrees.

Program Audit

  • Program audit based on regional and national strategic analysis

  • Startup branding

  • Marketing strategy 

  • Marketing infrastructure planning

  • Go-to-market strategy

Infrastructure Development

  • Lead identification

  • CRM identification

  • Ad campaign design 

  • Creative development

  • Landing page development

  • Campus Marketplace configuraiton

Campaign Administration

  • Launch campaigns

  • Lead capture

  • Lead nurturing and course enrollment 

  • ROI analysis and recommendations