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Fulfilling, debt-free career paths custom-fit to your students’ unique potential.

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of corporations are adopting hiring initiatives that focus on skills rather than college degrees. CareerGo finds the fastest and cheapest path to earn job-ready skills.

Multiple paths lading to a photo of a student happily throwing papers into the air.

Break the Bank (in a good way)

Guide students toward exciting careers that avoid crippling debt with alternative pathways like dual enrollment, work-study, and affordable online certificates.

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of American families now feel that college is not worth the cost. CareerGo identifies alternative paths or affordable ways to earn college degrees.

Burst the Textbook Bubble

Equip students with real-world skills through apprenticeships, skill certifications, and hands-on experiences.

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of high school graduates did not attend college in 2023. This number has been growing since 2009. CareerGo finds alternative paths for these students to achieve sustainable careers.

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Unleash Hidden Talents

Go beyond test scores and grades with GoCareer’s in-depth assessments that reveal students’ natural abilities and passions.

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of college students do not currently finish their degrees. CareerGo helps students save time and money through work-study, apprenticeships or skill-based certificates.

Better Data. Better Decisions

Unprecedented college and career data filtered by artificial intelligence to match your students passions, aptitude, and financial realities.

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