The Campus Movement

The Campus Movement is Jenzabar’s commitment to enabling educational equity, accessibility, and affordability for learners of all ages so they can find, learn, and live their true calling.

A sustainable, reinvented future for higher education.

Jenzabar is committed to a world in which everyone, anywhere has the opportunity to find, learn, and live their true calling.
We believe that with bold action, progress is possible. Evolution takes people and organizations working together and fighting for a better future. We must pave the way for the next generation.​
The Campus Movement is our commitment to progress the important shift in the way learners consume higher education. It is the call to action for institutions, partners, and organizations to work together to give learners the education and life skills required to secure lucrative job opportunities. ​
The Campus Movement goes beyond the use of modern technology; it is leading the transformation of the educational ecosystem that will not only help learners but create new revenue streams and enrollments for institutions.​
It is a vision of possibilities.

Solutions for Continuing Education, Dual Credit, and Non-credit Courses

Campus Marketplace

Campus Marketplace powered by Jenzabar allows you to put your courses online in a branded storefront so that any learner—enrolled or unenrolled—can register and pay for those courses.
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Campus Marketplace Strategic Services

We help higher education institutions develop, brand and maket non-credit certification programs.
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The Campus Movement Resources

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